Soapstone Countertops Helping Homeowners Create Dream Living Environments

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Published: 29th October 2012
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The natural beauty of soapstone can make your countertops resonate with every guest that enters your home. But this natural alternative to granite and marble is not just renowned for its aesthetic qualities. Soapstone is offers many functional advantages to the modern homeowner looking to increase the value of their property. For example, it holds temperature exceptionally well. This advantage makes soapstone the requisite material for those who enjoy rolling bread in the kitchen. The simple application of ice to the surface of the material will keep it cool for an extended period of time so that bread doesn’t stick to kitchen utensils during preparation.

For the best in premium quality soapstone materials, California-based Teresina Soapstone is the organization of choice. Teresina Soapstone is considered to be the US leader for superior soapstone slabs, tiles and sinks. The company’s superior selection of soapstone slabs is ideal for various areas around the modern home, including countertops, bathroom vanities, hearths and outdoor barbeques. And customers can rest assured that each soapstone purchase they make through the team at Teresina Soapstone will be complete with the ultimate in industry-leading professionalism at every step of the purchase and installation process.

For homeowners who are looking to preserve the natural allure of their kitchen environment, soapstone countertops represent the very pinnacle of modern aesthetics. They are naturally stain resistant, which ensures that small spills don’t have a large effect on the visual appeal of the surrounding area. In addition, soapstone is impervious to germs and bacteria. This means that home cooks can place food directly on soapstone countertops without worrying about the potential for hazardous bacteria affecting the meal.

Another clear advantage of using soapstone within the home is that the product is sourced from quarries than are much smaller than the equivalent granite or marble quarries, therefore the environmental impact of mining soapstone is minimal in comparison. The natural environment retains its natural beauty and homeowners can seamlessly integrate a stylish and elegant material within their properties.

Teresina Soapstone only utilizes the very best soapstone for their custom installations. The company sources their soapstone from quarries in Brazil, a country which is known to produce the highest quality soapstone material. And because the company has a broad range of contacts within the industry, they can find unique colors and styles to suit their clients’ specific home renovation needs. One of the fine examples of superior material available within the company’s selection of soapstone products is their Porto Alegre soapstone product. This material often features dramatic white veins and sometimes smaller, more subtle white veins to offer a sense of artisan charm that can turn a house into a home. The Porto Alegre soapstone’s most outstanding characteristic is its rust veining, which can primarily be found in one or two areas of the stone in order to ensure that the pattern doesn’t overpower the style of the material.

With options to suit every taste and style requirement, Teresina Soapstone’s catalogue is the prime source for the best soapstone materials available on the commercial market. To find out how quickly you can begin installing captivating soapstone countertops within your property, contact the experts at Teresina Soapstone today.

To learn more about this leading soapstone supplier and installation specialist, please visit Teresinasoapstone.

To find out more about Soapstone Countertops from Teresina, visit their Web site at There, you’ll be able to view images of different soapstone slabs, as well as images of what soapstone looks like in a residential setting.

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